Friday, December 27, 2013

Simbang Gabi | 12.23.13

December 23, 2013 St Mark Catholic church Southwest Ranches, Florida

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Libro at Musika

“Consume less; share better.”
Hervé Kempf

Filipino American Fiesta on Las Olas at the Upper Room Art Gallery (9/8/2012)
Four months ago, the upper room art gallery on las olas was teeming with guests, friends, & family.  shared joy & laughter echoed the entire time as befits what a fiesta is truly all about.  soulful music stirred the crowd.  dinggin is a serenade.

The momentous occasion was the first of its kind. dinggin, visualize realize a new philippines & the upper room art gallery partnered to promote philippine arts, culture & literacy.  mater academy was the primary donor of books & relevant materials.  the funds collected that night were utilized to ship balikbayan boxes full of donated books to different schools & municipalities in the Philippines.

The passion for music, the passion to be of service, the commitment to serve a purpose greater than ourselves propel us to reach out and seek more avenues to rise up to the challenge and make a difference in the lives of others.  and, it is in this constant endeavor to give that we too are given more than we could ever ask or pray for.

Love & Light!

 The University of the Philippines helped in distributing donated books from Mater Academy. 

Donated books from Mater Academy were given to San Vicente Elementary through the help of students from University of the Philippines